Lucky Charms St. Patrick’s Day Party Snack Idea

Lucky Charms St. Patricks Day Party Snack Idea

Here is a fun snack idea for a classroom St. Patrick’s Day party. The recipe is very simple, using only 4 ingredients, and no added green food-coloring. It takes an already sweet cereal and makes it even sweeter. To top that, it gets sprinkled with gold-colored sprinkles. Ingredients: 6 cups Lucky Charms Cereal, without marshmallows …

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Make Traditional Irish Meatcakes on St. Patrick’s Day

Traditional Irish Meatcakes

Original Irish Ingredients During the Great Famine or “An Gorta Mor” (1845-1852) much of Ireland’s healthy livestock perished. In fact, due to starvation and immigration, the population of Ireland itself dropped from 10 million in 1840 to 5 million in 1880! When families did have access to good meat, they needed to make it “go …

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