Saffron – Origins, Uses, Tips


Saffron is a seasoning that is made from the dried stigmas of saffron crocus. It may surprise you to learn that it takes 75,000 blossoms or 225,000 of the hand-picked stigmas in order to make a pound of saffron! That’s why the other claim to fame that this seasoning has is that it is the …

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Parsley – Origin, Uses, Tips


Parsley is considered by some to be a somewhat dull and unexciting herb – that it doesn’t bring that much to a meal. It has fallen far from the days when it was considered one of the main herbs to be used as a garnish, or decoration on a range of different dishes. But while …

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Paprika – Origin, Uses, Tips


Paprika may be a Hungarian spice, but it has a Mexican origin. It’s also incredibly popular in Cajun cooking. So much so in fact, that many people who enjoy this cuisine will dish up dinner with a jar of paprika on the table – just like many of us would add salt and pepper grinder …

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Oregano – Origin, Uses, Tips


Oregano is a herb used in cooking and found in many spice racks that also goes by the name origanum, or wild marjoram. It is an aromatic and perennial herb that comes from the mint family and that is utilized for its flavorsome dried leaves and its flowering tops. About Oregano Oregano is native to …

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Nutmeg – Origin, Uses, Tips


Nutmeg is a herb that is often associated with Christmas, it has a sweet and slightly sharp taste that can add perfectly to a sweet bread from a bread maker, or even a hot beverage. Use it with cinnamon and you can create some delicious recipes using your bakeware set. This one definitely belongs in …

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