20 Best Whole Wheat Bread Recipes

20 Best Whole Wheat Bread RecipesIf you’re looking for a collection of the best whole wheat bread recipes, you’ve come to the right place. We absolutely love making wheat bread. It’s delicious, wholesome, and very easy to make. Having your whole kitchen filled with the smell of freshly cooked whole wheat bread is amazing. Here are our favorite recipes from around the web:

20 Best Whole Wheat Bread Recipes

Kitchenware to Make Whole Wheat Bread

If you’re going to be baking whole wheat bread, there’s a few items you’ll need to equip your kitchen with:

Bread Machine – using a bread machine is the simplest way to make great whole wheat bread. All you have to do is put the ingredients into the machine, press the start button, and wait!

Bread Cloche – if you want to make fancier, hard-crusted whole wheat bread, then you’ll want to use a bread cloche. A bread machine can do the trick, but you’ll often find the crust won’t be as hard as you’d like.

Bread Box – you’re going to want to keep your whole wheat bread fresh. Using a bread box to store it will make it last up to 2x longer!

Bread Proofing Basket – if you’re going to bake your bread in the oven, you’re going to want it to proof a bit before you put it in. A bread proofing basket is the best way to proof wheat bread.

Measuring Cup Sets – while the ingredients of whole wheat bread are pretty basic, it never hurts to have a good set of measuring cup sets on hand.

Mixing Bowl Set – you’re going to need to mix your ingredients, right? A mixing bowl set is a necessity then.

Spatula – after you mix the dough in the mixing bowl, you’re going to need to scrape it out of the bowl. A spatula helps with that.

Whisk – if you don’t have a hand mixer or stand mixer available, a whisk is going to be needed to mix your whole wheat bread ingredients.

9×13 Pan – if you’re making a simple loaf of wheat bread in the oven, a 9×13 pan is probably what the recipe calls for.

Oven Mitt – you’re going to want to protect your hands when taking your fresh baked loaf of whole wheat bread out of the oven.

Bread Knife – this is a criminally underrated piece of kitchenware. A good bread knife ensures that your whole wheat bread will always be sliced to perfection.

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