Must Have The Anchor Hocking 2 qt. Glass Batter Bowl


I’m a veteran cook and baker. I’m also a space-saver and penny pincher. I’ve tried out all sorts of kitchen products, utensils and tools. The Anchor Hocking 2 qt. Glass Batter Bowl with lid is a must have for any chef, cook and baker’s kitchen. I’m always on the lookout for products that multi-task. My kitchen was not designed for convenience, so I have learned to simplify it and make it user-friendly. One way that I do this is to organize my baking and cooking supplies. I don’t have room for extraneous and superfluous cooking gadgets that just take up room. My cookware and bakeware needs to be versatile.

The Anchor Hocking 2 Qt. glass Batter Bowl with lid is versatile. First, this one over-sized 2 qt. Batter Bowl replaces all those miscellaneous sizes of measuring bowls and cupsw. I’ve used those nested glass measuring cup sets. What a lot of wasted space. Who needs a one cup, two cup and four cup measuring device when you can use a graduated 2 qt. measuring bowl with all those measurements included? There go three extra space takers. The Anchor Hocking 2 qt. Glass Batter Bowl is embossed with 1/4, 1/2 and cup measurements up to 8 cups.

I would recommend purchasing a glass measuring cup in the one cup size, in addition to the Glass Batter Bowl because it can be tricky to measuring amounts under one cup with the 2 qt. measuring cup. A one cup glass measuring cup takes the place all all those assorted nested measuring cups. Yes, I know, baking wisdom dictates the use of nested plastic measuring cups for dry ingredients and a glass graduated measuring cup for wet ingredients. The single cup glass measuring cup can be used for just as easily for measuring, however, and it saves you having to dig up that ellusive 1/3 cup measure that you never can find.

The Anchor Hocking 2 qt. Glass Batter Bowl replaces those multiple sizes of mixing bowls, too. I can mix just about any quantity that I need in a 2 qt. Glass Batter Bowl. For larger sizes an over-sized stainless steel mixing bowl works great. My Anchor Hocking 2 qt. Glass Bowl fits under my upright mixer also. When I use a portable mixer, the Batter Bowl doesn’t tip over easily like a metal bowl does. The glass Batter Bowl has a pour spout also; no more messes pouring ingredients from mixing bowl to pan.

The Anchor Hocking 2 qt. glass Batter Bowl comes with a BPA plastic lid also. I use mine to store foods in the refrigerator. It’s perfect for leftover pancake batter, marinade and any other liquid you want to refrigerate.

Note: you can use a vacuum marinator! They work like a vacuum sealer, but are meant to better marinade your food!

The price is right, too. $12.95 replaces close to $100 worth of kitchen cookware clutter in one convenient utensil. Anchor Hocking is the only glass cooking product still made exclusively in the USA.

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