Onion Powder – Origin, Uses, and Tips


Onion Powder – Origin, Uses, And TipsOnion powder is a powder made from onion. Onion meanwhile is a vegetable that is used to add flavor to a wide variety of different dishes, and which can be a great way to make delicious pot roasts, pasta, and more. You’ll find recipes that use onion in any German cookbook, French cookbook, or instant pot cookbooks.

Why use Onion Powder?

Onion adds a great taste and aroma to any dish. It is perhaps a staple of everything from delicious carbonara, to a whole host of stock pots recipes.

Onion is also actually highly beneficial for your health. Did you know that it shares many of the same health benefits as its more-renowned-as-a-superfood cousin garlic? Whereas garlic is often praised for dilating blood vessels and fighting bacteria, very few people ever mention that onion does the precise same things!

That’s right: onion can kill off germs in your stomach, it can help to improve your breath in the long run, and it can improve your digestion. It improves blood circulation, and may help to direct more of it to your muscles and brain where you want it.

It’s also packed with nutrients – vitamins and minerals including antioxidants that help to fight cancer.

Problem is that onions go bad. You need to buy fresh onions and then keep them in the fridge. Every now and then, you’ll have one that comes out funky. But even if they were good to begin with, you only have a few weeks before things go bad.

Plus there is all the fuss of cooking with onion. You need a cutting board, you need the knife block, then you need to wash those things up. It’s all just extra work.

On the other hand though, onion powder sits harmlessly in spice racks until such time as you should need it. And then you just sprinkle it on to those sauce pans.

For the busy professional, this makes cooking considerably quicker and easier to cook with.

The problem is that many people imagine that this onion powder is somehow less healthy – that it is more processed. After all, it is often found in canned soups along with MSG, tons of salt and sugar, and other bad stuff.

But in fact, onion powder is just as healthy as the original stuff. It is simply onion that has been dried out. This significantly reduces the mass because onion is 89% water. Then it has been crushed into powder and sealed.

All the health benefits, all the flavor, none of the fuss.


Don’t believe it can be that much simpler? Consider these examples.

Want to make a delicious tuna pasta? Just cook the pasta, add canned tuna, add onion flakes, and mix with mayo.

Want to make a delicious stew? Just throw some chicken, potatoes, chopped veg, and onion powder into a pot. You can likewise use a garlic paste of garlic press for similar ease.

Slow cooker chicken? Throw in chicken, dry rice, a can of chopped tomatoes and onion flakes. No chopping, only one thing to wash up – but still delicious and healthy.

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