How to Replace Eggs in Vegan Recipe

Eggs may be eaten as part of vegetarian diet, but not as part of a strict vegan diet. Eggs are full of healthy protein and Vitamin E. Eggs are also a popular breakfast food and used in baking tasty products.

Purpose of Eggs

When substituting eggs in vegan cooking, it helps to know what eggs can do for food. Eggs can add moisture to food, a task which can be handled by canola oil for mashed fruit. Eggs are also useful for binding foods together or making foods fluffy and light. (Vegan Society)

Egg Substitutes for Vegan Diets

Tofu for Cooking

You can use an egg beater and whip up one quarter cup of tofu as a substitute for one egg. If you are allergic or sensitive to soy, tofu is not the best choice.


Vegan baking takes some practice. Replacing an egg with other ingredients will not always result in success, and you will have to experiment with your favorite recipes. I once made a chocolate peanut butter cookies and forgot the egg. It was the fluffiest cake that I have ever made, due to the increased baking powder.

When you bake your favorite banana bread or make blueberry muffins, substitute a quarter cup of applesauce for the egg. The applesauce will add moisture, the same way adding a banana will. Do not use these sweet substitutes in savory dishes.

Raising Agent

These products can be used in place of eggs for vegan recipes when you need a raising agent, according to Vegan Society.

For cake or bread baking, substitute the egg with self-rising flour. Self-rising flour is a common ingredient that can be found in the baking aisle of the local grocery store.

Increase the cooking oil used in the recipe. A healthier option is to increase the amount of baking powder when substituting eggs in a vegan diet.

For chocolate cakes, or vegan chocolate cupcakes, use vinegar.

Make Your Own Egg Substitute

Different combinations of water, oil, baking powder, flax seeds and agar powder can help you make homemade egg substitutes for a vegan diet.

Egg White Substitute for Binding

A recipe which calls for one egg white can be accommodated with agar powder. Agar powder is vegetable-based gelatin product, according to Barry Farm. If you are sensitive to algae products, you may want to avoid this vegan egg substitute since it is made from red algae.

To work with agar, soak the agar in water for about 15 minutes. Boil it and then stir until it dissolves, similar to a gelatin. Chill it.

To make the egg substitute, use equal one tablespoon of water and one tablespoon of agar powder to make one egg white substitute.

Whole Egg Substitutes

Make one whole egg substitute with two teaspoons of baking powder and two tablespoons of water. Be sure to use baking powder and baking soda.

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