What Can You Use as a Rolling Pin Substitute?

What Can You Use As A Rolling Pin SubstituteWhatever kind of kitchen you’re cooking in, there are always a few pieces that can never be deemed expendable. You just can’t get through your cooking without them. So, if you ever find yourself missing one of these pieces, you have to be prepared in case you need to use them. Can you imagine life without a Coffee Maker, Convection Oven, Sharpening Steel, or your precious Sauce Pans?

Today, we’ll be discussing the case of Rolling Pins. A well-known piece of equipment generally used for shaping the dough. If you don’t happen to have one and you can’t seem to get one anytime soon, we’ve got a couple of suggestions for you to try out as substitutes in case you need the functionality of a rolling pin as you prepare your meals.

You always want to be prepared, you always want to have what you need. Kids could be hungry, guests can show up. You never know what challenges may await you inside the kitchen. Hopefully, we can help with that. We’re pretty confident that we’ve collected enough experience in the kitchen after years of trial and error. Having gone through moments of need of a rolling pin and not finding one, improvisation was the only hope. And after some testing, we came up with the best candidates to replace a rolling pin if the need may ever arise.

So, let’s start, shall we?

What Exactly Is a Rolling Pin?

For some, this may be a ridiculous question to ask. But believe it when we say, not everyone is familiar with it, especially those who don’t spend much time in the kitchen. Some of us only get their pastry from bakeries instead of making them at home. This doesn’t just concern guys who live on their own, there are even mothers out there who prefer to not bake at home. To each his own in the end.

But if we were to give our input, we can’t stress enough on how important a rolling pin is for any cook. If you’re making dough and you’re looking to roll it, flatten it or shape it in any way, you’re going to need it. It’s as essential as the Baker’s Rack, Bakeware Set, Baking Mat Set, and any other Baking Tools.

Let’s talk about its history for a moment. It all started back in a land now called Italy. The rolling pin was first utilized by the Etruscans who used to inhabit the area. These people lived and flourished from 800 to 300 BC, and baking was a trademark of theirs.

According to the experts, these Etruscans are said to be the first to make and use a rolling pin to prepare bread from the grains they harvested. But the first rolling pin isn’t the only cooking-equipment credited to their name. They are also known to have created various other kitchen tools. It’s worthy to note that the standard rolling pin design that we know today didn’t come from them, rather it came up from the mind of I.W. Reed, a man that lived during the 19th century.

It would be a mistake to think that a rolling pin is only good for shaping dough. It can also be useful in crushing nuts, crackers, and cookies. No need for Nutcrackers when you have a rolling pin around. But it’s not only about cooking. Want to relieve some stress? You sure can do so with a rolling pin.

What Can Substitute a Rolling Pin?

Sure, the rolling pin is important. I think we’ve stressed that quite enough. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t find other tools that can replace it.

We’re not talking about any products that you’ll have to buy specifically for this purpose, but in fact, there are several items that can be lying around your house which can fill the role of a rolling pin. Let’s talk about those.

Wine Bottle

Even if you don’t own a Wine Fridge or a Wine Decanter, it’s not uncommon for a household to have a wine bottle hiding somewhere. It doesn’t need to be full at all. All you need to do is to make sure that it’s securely locked before anything else.

You’d want the contact surface between the bottle and the dough to be as clean as possible. So we recommend that you cover up the container with some cling foil when you use it. If you don’t have any, put your dough between two sheets of parchment paper. That way you can rest assured that your dough is safe from all dirt and bacteria. Also, this way, it won’t be sticking to the bottle.

When everything is nice and done. Take the bottle, open it up with a Wine Opener, and enjoy a tasty reward for the work you’ve put in.

Drinking Glass

Now as unlikely as it may be, you may not have a bottle of wine in your house. In that case, a long drinking glass from your Glassware Set can do the trick. Obviously, the glass must have straight and smooth sides. It also needs to be heavy enough so you can roll it without the risk of breaking it.

Make sure that the glass is clean. So, wash it properly or do the same thing we’ve mentioned with the wine bottle. If you want, spraying some Olive Oil on the surface will help you have a smoother movement.

Water Bottle

Okay so you might not have a wine bottle, and maybe the drinking glasses that you have aren’t suitable for the job. Even then, you must at least be able to get a water bottle. I can’t imagine anyone not needing to have one in the house.

When it comes to water bottles, plastic or stainless steel, you can use both really. Although we recommend choosing the stainless steel if possible since it would be sleeker and sturdier. But when it comes to plastic bottles, you can use them after freezing some water inside of them to make them hard enough.

The frozen bottle may become too much to handle when you use it, and your hands will start to hurt from the low temperature. In this case, you can simply wear your winter gloves, and all the inconvenience will be gone. It may seem a bit weird for you, but it’s a trick that works, and that’s all that matters.

Beverage Can

Soda drinks aren’t really that good for you. But one good thing about them is that the can can be put in good use. Seeing how most houses consume these drinks, it won’t be hard for most to have one at their disposal. The can has a sleek design that allows it to be a good substitute for a rolling pin. But the can needs to be unopened. A used one is no good since it’ll most likely be crushed by the pressure.

Also, the same treatment that we’ve talked about goes for this case too. Cover up the can to prevent any bacteria from reaching the dough.


We’ve tried to find and list the most common items that can be found in most houses for this topic. There can be more qualified candidates in your home, but we only chose to focus on the ones that everybody shares. Whatever you use, make sure that it’s perfectly clean and don’t forget to cover it up before using it. Contaminating the food is the last thing you want.

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