What to Serve with French Onion Soup


What To Serve With French Onion SoupHave you ever tried a recipe from a French Cookbook? They’re just amazing. The thing is, many French dishes have been a part of our cuisine for a long time now, including the infamous French Onion Soup. Despite being almost a part of our tradition, many people are still confused as to what they should serve with the soup. Should you add salad? Meat? Fish?

Worry no more, as in this article, we will give you the top four dishes that you can pair with the French Onion Soup, so you enjoy a fancy dinner with your family.

What is a French Onion Soup?

Even though it hasn’t been popular in the American cuisine until the 1960s, the French Onion Soup dates back to the 18th century, when it first started as a simple Parisian dish.

Not only is this bistro meal healthy and delicious, but it’s also effortless to make, which explains how fast Americans adopted it when they first started exploring the wonders or the French cuisine. It requires only a handful of ingredients, mainly onions, broth, and butter, and preparing it would only take around one hour, with the onions taking the longest part of the period as it needs about 45 minutes since you need to caramelize it slowly to get the best results.

What Dishes Pair Well with French Onion Soup?

The secret to great combinations in the kitchen is pairing every dish with what’s missing in it. In the case of the French Onion Soup, it’s all about adding a bit of sour or bitter flavor to the sweet and savory taste.

Without adding further ado, here are the best dishes that you can serve with the French Onion Soup:

#1 – Meat Dishes

Although it can be served as a main dish rather than an appetizer, you still can add some meat to the table in order to make a full meal. After all, meat is the primary source of protein, a micronutrient that should be included in every breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Get out your Meat Slicers, Meat Grinders, Indoor Grill, and even your Grilling Cookbook if you have one because French Onion Soup is looking for a companion!

Our first recommendation for add-ons in this category is the venison stakes as they go perfectly well with French Onion Soup.

If you’re more of a seafood person and would like to serve fish instead, then tuna meals are your thing. Go on, get some fresh or Canned Tuna and prepare your dinner.

Here’s an extra tip; for extra bitterness, you can use some arugula or watercress as they’re known to provide that property to any dish.

#2 – Acidity and Sourness are Great as Well

I personally love adding some sourness to my meals as I feel they’re way better that way. That statement goes for French Onion Soup as well, and the best way to do so is by preparing a crispy, classic green salad using some fresh veggies, a Salad Spinner, and a Salad Dressing Shaker. The secret here is to twist the original recipe a little bit, by adding some lemon juice and capers for example to add the desired acidity.

Lettuce is a great ingredient that you can add to your salad as it’s known for its acidity, unlike other leafy greens for which the main feature is bitterness.

What are you waiting for? Grab your Juicer, get some lemons, and start making your salad!

#3 – Not a Fan of Sourness? Try Bitterness

If you’d like to add some bitterness to your French Onion Soup, your best bet is adding some leafy greens, as they’re known for that flavor. These veggies mainly include kale and spinach, which you can sauté in your Saute Pans to serve them as a side meal alongside your soup.

#4 – Bread is Also an Excellent Option

Looking for something filling? Search no more, as the best addon for your French Onion Soup, in that case, is bread. After all, who doesn’t love bread? It’s basically a universal meal that can turn your soup into a main dish instantly.

You can either get ready-made bread, preferably baguette to enforce the French theme or make some yourself using some Baking Tools or a Bakeware Set. Toasters are also a part of every kitchen, so the possibilities are endless here.

If you’re on a strict diet and looking for a healthier option, I suggest going for whole-wheat bread.

Can You Pair the Soup with a Drink?

While pairing liquids (drinks) with liquids (the soup) may seem weird and infeasible, you should know that it’s totally normal, especially considering that the French consume wine with every dish, which explains the fantastic Wine Glass Sets they make.

Believe me, a nice dinner consisting of French onion soup along with a glass of wine can turn any sad evening into a delightful one in no time.

A big question arises though; which wine should you go with, red or white?

The answer here is simple; it’s entirely up to you, your preferences, and the broth you used. Both red and white wine are excellent when paired with French onion soup, but if you used beef broth, it’s better to go with red wine, while you’re better off opting for white wine if you used chicken. Just keep in mind that the wine body can influence the experience as well, and we highly recommend a full or medium-bodied wine.

All in all, if you’re opting for French Onion Soup, keep your Wine Opener by your side.


Cooking is all about testing and experiencing new things. You need to get out of your comfort zone and start pairing this with that to create fresh meals that you didn’t even know existed. That should be the motto for every chef out there, be it beginner or advanced.

The same goes for French onion soup, a delicious dish that wouldn’t mind a bit of bitterness or sourness. Whether you follow the above recommendations or not is entirely up to you, but keep in mind that you needn’t limit yourself by them, for the sky is the limit when you are in your kitchen.

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