A Green Menu for St. Patrick’s Day


A Green Menu for St. Patrick's Day

Two years ago in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, my sister and I went on a quest for the perfect St. Patrick’s Day recipes. After a disappointing Internet search, we decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with green food. Our delicious menu of green food certainly made the day more comical, if nothing else!

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Green food coloring is all you need to make your favorite St. Patrick’s Day recipes green for breakfast. Put one or two drops of green food coloring in your scrambled eggs while mixing, and then cook them up. These green eggs (idea courtesy of Dr. Seuss) might look a little funny, but they taste just great. Be sure to add only one or two drops, however, as too much food coloring will make them runny. Toast bagels and place one or two drops of food coloring in a bowl of cream cheese, and have green bagels for breakfast on St. Patrick’s Day, too!


Have a yummy and healthy green salad for lunch on St. Patrick’s Day. Use baby spinach leaves, iceberg lettuce, fresh broccoli and snap peas to keep with the green St. Patrick’s Day recipe theme. Make your own dressing (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and Italian seasoning), and add croutons and tomatoes to finish the salad off.


Round out the green theme with Old El Paso’s Green Chicken Chile Enchiladas. Purchase two cans of the green enchilada sauce and green chiles. Use spinach tortillas, more green cream cheese, and chicken, and follow the recipe on the back of the cans. This meal makes a delicious St. Patrick’s Day recipe, and green or not, tastes absolutely delicious.


Buy a box of Rice Crispies, and while you are melting the marshmallows and mixing the cereal in, add a few drops of green food coloring. The resulting green Rice Crispy treats are a yummy after dinner treat.

Go green with your St. Patrick’s Day recipes…literally! These green meal ideas will make the day stand out in the crowd.

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