Cheap Holiday Baker’s Gift Perfect For Kids


When I was five years old, my parents gave me a most memorable Christmas present: my own little baking set. I’ve seen store baking sets for children, but as nice as they are, I like my DIY baker’s set best. Here’s an inexpensive baking kit to make your child’s Christmas merry. You can purchase all these items from Walmart, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Target or other discount store. Include as many of these items as you wish, but you don’t need to add all of them. This baking set is child-sized and features ‘green’ wrapping and packaging as you will see. You will need.

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Medium stainless steel mixing bowl or Anchor Hocking 8 qt. glass Batter Bowl with lid. The Batter Bowl is graduated and doubles as a set of measuring cups plus mixing bowl and storage bowl. (Cost: mixing bowl– $5, Batter Bowl $12.95) Fill the mixing bowl with:

  • nested measuring cups (if you chose a regular mixing bowl) ($2)
  • measuring spoon set on ring (Cost: $1-$2)
  • small bamboo wooden mixing spoon: Bamboo is a renewable resource and makes superb cooking and baking utensils. (Cost: $1)
  • rubber scraper: don’t buy plastic scrapers; make sure to buy scraper with a rubber or silicone tip. Consider giving two sizes: one narrow and one wide. Rubber scrapers double as cake frosting knives. (Cost: $1)
  • small silicone or wire whisk: Wire whisks work very well for blending liquid ingredients and beating eggs. (Cost: $1)
  • assorted cookie cutters in shapes of child’s favorite things (heart, bear, truck, holiday) ($1)
  • silicone oven mitt ($1)
  • pot rack ($1)
  • wire baker’s rack ($1)
  • small spatula with heat resistant handle for removing cookies from the cake pan (Cost: $1)
  • assorted baking pans (optional- $1-$3 each)
  • small non-stick cookie sheet
  • small 6 or 12 cup muffin pan
  • 12 cup mini-muffin pans
  • loaf pan
  • mini loaf pan
  • square cake pan
  • several packages cookie dough, Jiffy muffin mix, Jiffy cake mix

To package this gift assemble in mixing bowl and use apron or large clean dishtowel to ‘wrap’ gift. You can make a simple version of this child’s baking set gift for less than $10.

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