5 Best Aprons for your Kitchen

Cooking is a really messy process, as any number of different things might occur in the cuisine while you’re busy through it. From preparing meats with your or Meat Slicers and Meat Grinders to cooking sauces and mixing them and everything, these actions may imply. All this will result in a long cleaning and dish-washing process that will put a strain on you.

Moreover, there is the threat of getting yourself messy, especially your clothes and face as your hands will get dirty anyway, as the threat of spilling something on yourself is almost inevitable. That’s why the kitchen apron is not only a representative of cooks, because it is, as a matter of fact, a staple of any chef’s attire, it is also the best protection against this imminent danger.

The apron may seem like a not-so-important detail when you are preparing for a kitchen session. I mean, what’s an apron compared to a Convection Oven, Compact Refrigerator, or Dinnerware Set, right? But it is actually quite important as it plays a vital role in shielding you and your clothes from any stains or spills that are prone to happen sooner or later in such an environment, even if you are the most prudent cook out there.

So, if you are a cooking enthusiast, then you are certainly on the lookout for the best apron you can get your hands on. There is, indeed, a massive variety of choices on the market. However, not all of them are created equal, this is why we made this guide, to show you the pros and cons of each product and lead you to the best of them all, of course, according to your preferences and cooking needs.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Utopia Bedding Professional Bib Apron

Utopia Kitchen Professional Bib Apron Product Image

Utopia Bedding’s Professional Bib Apron is an excellent deal, for it is sold in sets of two at a very convenient price point while being resilient and simple but modern in design. Utopia bedding makes the Apron and the build quality really reflects how well-known and respected this brand is in the household market. This is the bib that will withstand the roughness of the kitchen mess and will be doing it for a long time until you forget about the possibility of it even ruining.

The main trait that characterizes this apron is that it is very simple in design, yet pretty durable and made to last. We praise them also for conceiving the elegant, practical unprinted black taint which is professionally-looking, which makes it suitable for well-established chefs as much as any cuisine worked or even enthusiastic home cooks.

This product, like all aprons, comes with two long straps at the side and a head tie on top, and these can be wrapped the same way as with any other bib. Reinforcing stitches on the hems will ensure they don’t go off so easily and withstands all the pressure exerted on them, prolonging the durability of the product considerably.

With this apron made from 100% polyester, you are no longer at risk of spills and stains while cooking, because it is able to do its’ job and shield you from them completely. Moreover, after that much time spent in the culinary process which might have taken a toll on you, no further effort is needed in cleaning it, and you can just toss it in the washing machine as it is pretty resilient and doesn’t get affected at all by the process.

The one thing that prevents from being the perfect apron all around is its’ lack of pockets for immediate access to some stuff that you might need. That might prove to be a nuisance in some situations, but it’s definitely too trivial to overshadow the perks it offers.

What we like about it

The features of this apron are the durable polyester which is 100% made from, the long straps it comes with that’ll enable you to hold it firmly in place and prevent it from moving around. That can be extremely useful when you’re cooking meals with messy ingredients such as Canned Chili or Canned Tomatoes. Also, the resilient sewing and build make its lifespan quite a long one. One thing though, the lack of pockets is something to consider if you’re nitpicky.

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#2 – Chef Works Chalk Stripe Bib Apron

Chef Works Chalk Stripe Bib Apron Product Image

This bib has a solid design going for it, as it sports vertical stripes, which look neat and sleek indeed. In fact, this is a recommended apron for having seamless professional attire in the kitchen, or any culinary activity and be used as a grilling apron for example. Moreover, it is pretty modern, while being classic and chic at the same time. So if you take care of your appearance even at work, which you really should as it has an impact on your charisma, influence, and respect in the workplace, you’ll be surprised how this one garment works like a charm.

This apron is made from a mix of polyester and cotton fabric, with a ratio of two to one. It was made with resilience and comfort in mind, and it truly lives up to the expectations. This mix is perfect for shielding the wearer from stains and spills and protect his clothes under it thanks to the durability of the polyester on one hand and granting comfort through the softness of the cotton on another hand.

Finally, it is a perfect pick quality-wise, and it is certainly a practical, all-around useful bib.

What we like about it

What makes this apron different from other products is the combination of resilience and comfort, its’ marvelous yet simple look, and more importantly, its’ deep pockets that often prove to be really useful.

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#3 – HOMWE Adjustable Bib Apron with Pockets:

Homwe Adjustable Bib Apron Product Image

This apron is a great choice for its elegant design coupled with its’ highly viable quality, suited for the challenges of the culinary field. Moreover, its’ fabric combination, which is akin to the previous item we took a look at, is outstanding in dealing with stains, and it wards off wrinkles completely.

As for the pattern, it sports vertical white stripes on a black ambient color, this pinstripe combo gives it that classic yet modern look that every chef craves, regardless of gender as it works great for both. Additionally, it has an extensive and long design, measuring a whopping 27 x 33 inches, which means coverage for the whole body is fully guaranteed. Two deep pockets also come on either side of it that enables easy access to your kitchen tools at all times.

What we like about it

It features an adjustable neck strap, it proves convenient for customization, so every wearer can modify it to his liking and make it fit on him. Moreover, it has that perfect balance between quality and design, as the fabric combination coupled with the pinstriped design means it suits both women and men perfectly.

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#4 – ICUP DC Comics:

Icup Dc Comics Aprons Product Image

The best way to bring joy and excitement to your kitchen is by spicing up your culinary game with this DC comics apron. Apart from a fin, casual vibe, it differentiates you from the other cooks out there and helps show your individuality and creativity.

Other than professional settings, you can choose this garment for less serious cooking sessions. It is printed with DC Comics superheroes’ images, which are high quality and lively. Featuring the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman, and a roster of other known characters.

The quality is also not too shabby since it’s made from 100% cotton so you won’t be compromising much of it either. That means there is no reason you wouldn’t settle on this pick, as it will surely make you more fun at parties!

What we like about it

The perks include being machine washable and made fully from cotton, having a flexible neck strap and the prints being richly colored and of optimal quality.

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#5 – Attitude Aprons Fully Adjustable “Your Opinion Wasn’t in The Recipe” Apron, Black:

Attitude Aprons Fully Adjustable Aprons Product Image

If you’re one to have a sense of humor and like to break the serious stereotype of chefs and cooks, while also conveying a certain message, this apron is a perfect fit for you, as the statement it gives is funny and invaluable sometimes when confronted with nosy people.

The fabric is very durable, made from that magical combination we praised this whole article. Also, the straps can be adjusted for convenience. Moreover, it looks good as the font of the writing is pretty modern, and the simple yet stylish black fabric makes it the focal point for more emphasis.

What we like about it

The awesome design is the main point that distinguishes this apron from the rest, and alongside the comfort provided by the customizable straps and the resilience of the material, it makes for a funny twist o that perfect combo of style and quality.

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The Apron’s Buying Guide

An apron is a comforting cover that’ll reduce the mess of cooking by a lot. And even if you’re an avid cooker, you certainly must hate the disorder created after a busy cooking session. That’s why you need to invest in a proper, effective apron that’ll do its’ job perfectly, instead of just picking anyone off the shelf, especially since you’ll probably be using for the long term.

There are several factors you should base your choice on:


The type of apron you’ll most likely find is a bib and waist one, which is usually worn by chefs, although there are multiple other choices to choose from. This particular one is designed with covering the most surface of the front of the body in mind. It has two straps on both sides to tie it properly around your waist and another on top which you hang at the neck after you pull it over your head.

There exists another variety, which is the waist apron, a widespread one among the wait staff. This one only covers the lower half of the body though, but it comes with long straps and large pockets.


The fabric used to make aprons varies greatly from one to another. Pure cotton ones are generally softer and offer more comfort when worn. With polyester blended in, more sturdiness is added, and the product’s life is boosted.

Elements used to make them are not limited to these two though, as a lot of other ones, such as leather, nylon, rubber, muslin and even plastic which is made into disposable ones are employed. When you’re considering your choices, you should first put longevity and comfort in mind above all, while also taking into account the ease of cleaning also.

Resilience and Longevity

It is of utmost importance that you prioritize the durability of your apron, as the kitchen work is an immensely pressuring process that it must go through unscathed. It has to withstand the movement and the friction that it will be constantly put through, while at the same time fulfill its’ original mission of covering you against inevitable stains. Imagine struggling to open a can with a Can Opener or Jar Opener, or getting your pizza from the Microwave using your Oven Mitt, just to end up messing up your clothes because your apron couldn’t handle the movements.

What you must do before your purchase is meticulously check the stitches and the seams and if they seem like they’re prone to coming apart easily it probably is poor quality and you shouldn’t bother with it. On the other hand, it should feel sturdy and resilient, ready to get its’ job done perfectly and constantly over the whole period you’ll be using it for. So, make sure the quality is up to the task at hand, or else it will fail to impress.

Visual Appeal

The spectrum of patterns, styles, and colors that exists on the market today is really impressive, so if you have something in mind, you’ll most probably find it or find another one that you’ll like more. Or, if you are one to get you a plain, simple apron you’ll most certainly be pleased with the available choices. Moreover, some varieties are decorated at the seams with sewing patterns, granting them a unique design that is aesthetically pleasing.

In Conclusion:

You might care less about what kind of apron you wear during your culinary adventures, but you should really consider your choices when you pick one, as it adds professionality and safety to the cooking process, while you can even sprinkle a fun twist on it with the right garment.

There is so much variety on the market currently, but you should find a balance between quality, design, and price. We recommend the HOMWE Adjustable Bib Apron with Pockets, as it will satisfy your professional or domestic needs while being the best at this job in our opinion. In fact, what makes it so appealing is that it is customizable and covers the whole body for maximum protection. Also, the superb quality, the ease of maintenance and the pockets it comes with certainly push it beyond its’ competition.

We hope we help you choose the perfect apron that’ll be your best companion on those kitchen journeys, so that the next time you get your Pasta Makers, Pastry Brush, and Pastry Cutters to prepare some Pasta, you’ll be ready for the mess!

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