Is Pudding Gluten Free? Ask No More as We Answer This Intriguing Question


Is Pudding Gluten FreeMeals that are equally healthy and very tasty are not easy to conceive, because this combination is rarely reached in a reality that is filled with closely within reach junk food. However, once one finds such an elusive recipe, it is euphoric. That’s why we are always on the search for new methods in the hopes of attaining such a balance, and of course, we will be sharing them with you as soon as we come by them.

Sweets are particularly bad, nutrition-wise, as food. Yet the urge to have them is just irresistible! Some of us can’t even finish their day without having that taste, and others just melt at the sight of a Chocolate Fountain. Now sorry for stimulating your appetite, but don’t go bring your Cake Cookbook and make some cake, because there exists a much healthier alternative; a certain treat with a funny texture that gives a soft, melting sensation in the mouth: yes you guessed it, it’s good ol’ pudding.

If you’re wondering how healthy it is, especially for the ones who are sticking with a gluten-free diet, turn on your Coffee Maker and prepare your Coffee Mug, or maybe get your Teapot if Tea is more your thing, as we’re going to tackle this issue and it’s going to be an interesting read!

Is Pudding Gluten Free?

For all of you folks that are wary of gluten for a reason or another, worry not, it is totally absent from this lovely treat and all of the ingredients used in its’ production. Get you a Beer Glass, because this deserves a celebration!

Additionally, many manufacturers like Kraft are cautious with this issue, as they have a gluten-free policy that is very simple: they are considerate for people who might have problems with it. Also, in general, they tend to list ingredients that might have gluten in them, so as to be pretty open about it. Even more so, they make sure that during growing, manufacturing or transportation phases the elements are as far away from gluten as possible, and that’s really relieving since even the slightest amount of the thing is undesired, especially to those allergic to it!

Even though we can breathe a sigh of relief at this point, this is not the whole story: there’s still a bit more confusion to go through, so fasten your seat belt!

Not so fast though!

It is entirely true that pudding does not contain gluten in any of its’ elements, and companies that produce it are extremely careful in the making process as to not get it anywhere close to it, yet even then some manufacturers still don’t classify it as gluten-free, and the reason behind that is quite simple actually.

The visual appeal of the products is of utmost priority as it is an essential factor that determines if it will be sought after by the consumers or not, and to ensure that such a variable works to their favor, producers use food-coloring ingredients to add a perceived flare to the gustatory experience. And the suppliers of them are not guaranteeing that they are totally free of the dreaded gluten, that’s why such information is not specified to us, end-consumers.

This specification is of utmost importance, as many makers of pudding are not restricted to only one product, and some of the machines are used for different ones, so leftovers from the first can stay in some parts of the mechanism, also Flask, Funnel, etc.. and find their way into the other. That’s essentially a problem if the intruding stuff contains wheat and the like. This is basically why labeling some product necessitates guidelines that are to be followed to a T. But before you say “screw it” and reach for your Pastry Cookbook to make Pasta, stay tuned and let us tell you what you should do to avoid all this dilemma!

Meticulously Pay Attention to the Labels:

You can insert any type of pudding into the diet you’re implementing, no matter the flavor, it is not relevant. However, what might make a difference is the manufacturer. Each brand might use different means and elements throughout the making process. As such, you have to constantly pay close attention to the labels and read the list of ingredients, and while some names can be a bit confusing and ambiguous, they often simply them for our comprehension’s sake, and they even emphasize some crucial terms. Moreover, you can just contact them directly and ask them to make sure about the whole situation.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration states that if the amount of gluten is less than 20 per million in a product, it can be labeled as free of it. So if it says “gluten-free” it is pretty safe to be consumed. But as stated earlier, be wary of additional stuff that might have the thing in it such as modified corn-starch or some food colorings and flavors, so keep them always in mind.

Feeling the Immense Difference

Controlling how much gluten we consume is without a doubt a life changer because you can sense a hugely noticeable difference. A big part of it comes from the fact that it is known to have effects on our health such as digestion issues and headaches. And to top it off, it takes a toll on our energy sucking it from our metabolism, which causes constant fatigue.

Once you decide to be done with it though, you will be living life anew: the benefits will completely blow your mind! And you don’t have to be gluten-intolerant to feel them, it kinda feels like a Garbage Disposal. However, even if you are, in most cases pudding won’t be harmful because more often than not it is, in fact, gluten-free, unless you are of the extremely sensitive kind, in which case you might feel some severe symptoms, including but not limited to gas, cramps, and diarrhea. That’s why such a matter must be dealt with cautiously while putting these risks in mind.

Countless Varieties and Flavors

Milk, eggs, gelatin, sugar… are some of the essential ingredients of any pudding. However, it is far from being a universal sweet, as there is a multitude of different kinds of it, constituting a contrastingly nuanced palette of flavors from sweet to salty. Yes! There exists a cheese pudding variety. More surprisingly, somewhere in England, they have a salty one which contains beef steak and kidney pieces! Doesn’t that make you want to reach for your Wine Opener?

Indeed, it is an exciting dessert, but let’s go back to the sweet variety for it is probably the one you’re craving right now. Some of the ones we recommend include Chocolate Zucchini Breakfast Pudding, Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding, Rice pudding or Orange Lavender pudding with Cashews.

You Can Enjoy Your Gluten-Free Sweets, Albeit You Have to Stay Alert

In the end, we can assure you that your gluten-free diet won’t be conflicting with consumption of pudding, yay! Nevertheless, it is preferable if you check the label carefully and meticulously read the ingredients list, and it becomes a necessity when there is an intolerance involved.

So enjoy your pudding, worry-free, as long as you follow our guide. So pull your Dining Chair, get a dish of your Flatware Set, and get ready for a tasty, risk-free treat tonight!

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