How to Soften White Sugar: 7 Super Easy Methods Tried & Approved

How To Soften White SugarTea enthusiasts don’t particularly enjoy finding solid sugar residue at the bottom of their favorite drink since it is a nuisance to their gustatory experience. And since winter is the season where a hot cup of tea right from the Teapot is a godsend in combatting the cold weather, having soft white sugar on hand ready for use whenever you intend to use the tea Electric Kettle is necessary. That’s why, in this article, we’ve compiled numerous easy and efficient ways to soften white sugar at home without much effort.

That way, you won’t have to encounter this problem anymore, and you can make a nice, flawless cup of tea on the fly whenever you feel like it! And all you have to do to find out how to overcome this issue is follow through with this article, and we assure you that you will forget about this unfortunate situation forever!

7 Super Easy Methods to Soften White Sugar:

White sugar hardens so easily in winter that it’s absurd how weather elements, especially moisture, affect, it as it turns it into clumps of rock. We know that an airtight Food Storage Container is effective in preventing this problem, or at the very least reduce its effect. So, if you use ceramic Sugar Bowls to store your sugar, you should consider replacing it with an airtight container since it shields it from malicious moisture.

For more efficacity in ensuring that you can remedy this phenomenon after it happens, here are 7 different methods to resolve it, and you can choose any one of them that you find the best for you!

#1 – Food Processor Method

This is an outstanding process for softening white sugar, since it is effortless and brief, of course for those who have an appliance in this category, such as the Cuisinart Food Processor. If this is the case for you, then you are lucky as you have access to such an excellent solution that has earned the first spot on our list. For this, you will only need a food processor, some large food storage bags or Meal Prep Bags, and one of your Meat Tenderizers.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. You first place the clumped sugar in question into a storage bag while making sure to seal it firmly.
  2. Then, with the meat tenderizer, soften the white sugar gently as to not rip the bag of course. In order to avoid damage to the container, hit it with the flat until the big rocks of sugar are broken down into small clumps that are easy for the food processor to take care of.
  3. Now you only need to bring the food processor into the action. You first put in the sugar, and you run for a short burst while switching it on pulse mode.

We know that it might seem tempting to skip the second step, but it’s necessary in order to prevent hurting the food processor as big sugar pieces risk damaging it. Moreover, don’t overdo the last step, so you don’t obtain powdered sugar at the end instead.

#2 – Wet Paper Towel Method

This solution is definitely more peaceful than the previous one, but it’s a lengthier process overall, so it will be of no good if you are in a hurry. Nevertheless, it delivers the desired results, especially for moderate amounts. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the process in depth.

For starters, you will only need a paper towel and some sugar, plain and simple.

  1. First, wet the paper towel with a small amount of water. Make sure you don’t overdo it because if you soak it in too much water, it will surely break apart and ruin the whole thing.
  2. After you did this the right way, place it into your sugar bowl, then leave it for a whole night. This way, it will gradually soften the sugar when the moisture penetrates it bit by bit.
  3. After that, you may just use a spoon or fork and stir the sugar around in order to break it apart. And there you go; your sugar is now softened in a simple and effortless way!

#3 – Apple Method

This, at first glance, might seem like a really awkward solution because what could possibly be the relation between Apple and sugar and how would anyone think to use fruit to soften clumped substance? Well, let us assure you that this is a tried and true method, and no matter how strange it might seem, you can easily use it to get the desired results while enjoying the lovely freshness and flavor of a good apple!

  1. For this simple process, you will only need some slices of apple. First of all, you take an apple and ditch the core part then cut it into slices using your Apple Slicer and take four of them.
  2. Next, place these in the bowl where you store the sugar, evenly distributing them on top of it.
  3. After that, close it and put it in a pantry for storage overnight.
  4. Then, on the next morning, akin to the previous method, the moisture from the apple will now have done its magic, softening the solid formations of the sugar, and all is left now is to stir it and break it apart with a fork.

#4 – Food Steamer Method

Your Food Steamer has a lot more potential than just cooking vegetables and meat in a healthy way, even though it is a pretty useful role already. This device is particularly helpful for our need since it does an excellent job dealing with clumped sugar. For this neat solution, you will only need, on top of the food steamer, two cups of water and a heat resistant bowl.

  1. First of all, put the water into the steamer, and then take the microwave-safe bowl and place the hardened sugar in it.
  2. Next, pour the content of the sugar-filled container while being careful so that the water level doesn’t surpass half the steamer pot’s height.
  3. Now close the steamer to ensure that the heat can move freely inside of it and can’t escape it.
  4. The next step is to let the steamer do its job for seven minutes. Meanwhile, make sure the liquid doesn’t all evaporate though.
  5. All that’s left now is to break apart the sugar with a fork until it’s back to its normal texture after you remove it from the steamer, of course.

#5 – Pestle Method

The Mortar and Pestle combo is already a nice tool to crush numerous things like spices and nuts, so it is obviously one of the top candidates for this job. Moreover, it is a feasible method that consumes little time. The only downside is that you might end up with quite a mess! You will only need a Pestle of course, alongside a dish towel, a deep bowl, and some water.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. First, place the white sugar in the deep bowl, with a few drops of water. Don’t go overboard with the liquid unless you want to worsen the problem further!
  2. Now, put the dish towel on top of the bowl so the substance bits won’t escape, and crush it using the pestle in order to break it down. Have no mercy, be aggressive in order to finish the process thoroughly.
  3. Finally, once it is done just clean the mess and happily enjoy your tea!

#6 – Coffee Grinder Method

This is a tried and true method, and we are sure of it, although we haven’t personally verified it. Since the Coffee grinder is a powerful tool used to crush down even some sturdy nuts, it can surely be a quick and easy method. Moreover, it is as simple as they get. You just put the sugar into the machine while making sure it doesn’t exceed the maximum amount it can hold in order to avoid damages. Additionally, be careful of the hardness of the sugar, as it shouldn’t be too hard on the blades.

Now you just have to turn on the grinder for a few moments and watch the clumped sugar return to its beloved normal form. Don’t get distracted though, since leaving it on for too long might give you powdered sugar as a result.

#7 – Microwave Method

At first glance, this might seem like a silly method, because what can a microwave exactly do to hardened sugar rocks? But, we assure that this is a practical solution to the problem at hand. Moreover, it is also effortless and doesn’t take much time at all. You will only need, apart from the microwave, a microwave-safe container, and some water.

  1. In the container, put the sugar alongside some water sprinkled into it. As usual, don’t overdo the water part.
  2. Next, place it in the countertop or Microwave Drawer, while putting it on maximum heat and letting it do the rest.
  3. After a short while, take it out and work your way through the sugar with the help of a fork. If it proves to be too hard to work with, let it dissipates some heat then repeat the process, and it should be easier to break through.

In Conclusion

Now that you have all the proper tools in order to break down pesky hardened sugar, nothing can deny you the joy of a nice, clump-free cup of tea! That must be a great relief to hear since this is a common issue for tea lovers in the winter. With this problem gone, you can now enjoy those cold days where you just chill indoors, under the blanket, watching your favorite movie or show.

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