St. Patrick’s Day Party Recipe Ideas

St. Patrick's Day Party Recipe Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day parties can be fun, creative and delicious without being stressful or difficult. You can create a festive atmosphere without resorting to green beer and food that nobody wants to eat; such as corned beef and cabbage, or anything dyed green. Irish food and drink should be fresh, seasonal, and any green food or drink should be from nature, not a bottle of food coloring.
It’s probably a good idea to serve a variety of drinks instead of one cocktail. Not everybody likes hard alcohol or sweet drinks.

Instead stock up on some good Irish beer like Guinness, Smithwick’s and Harp Lager. It’s not rude to ask your friends to bring along a six-pack of their favorite either, as everyone knows that alcohol is expensive. The idea is to have fun with friends and family, not break your budget. However, if you want to create a fun Irish cocktail, here are two that are quick and delicious.

In order to create a Whiskey Fizz, pour one ounce of Jameson’s into a glass over ice, layer with two or three orange slices and top it off with Ginger ale – you can uses regular or diet. For a warm drink, brew up some strong black tea. Pour into a mug, sweeten to taste with sugar, add two parts Jameson’s, and one part half and half. It’s comfort with a kick!

It’s also a good idea to book a virtual cocktail masterclass for an entirely new experience of preparing your beverage in St. Patrick’s Day. A virtual masterclass refers to an innovative online learning experience where you can enhance your cocktail mixing skills with the help of experts.

Just order your preferred beverage type or a cocktail mix you want to learn and receive everything you need in your doorstep. Download or stream videos of the class and learn how to prepare and serve new cocktail drinks in a few minutes. It will be a total surprise for family and friends! This is also a great way to make the celebration more memorable.

It’s easy to create a few delicious Irish style appetizers. For a delicious spread for brown or Irish soda bread whip up a smoked salmon cream cheese. In a mixing bowl place a softened 8 ounce brick of low fat cream cheese, ¼ cup light sour cream, 2 cloves of minced garlic (Here are some great garlic presses for you!), salt and pepper to taste, the zest of one lemon and 2 tablespoons lemon juice, ¼ cup of finely chopped dill and Italian parsley, and ¼ cup finely grated Parmesan cheese. Mix together until everything is fully incorporated.

Next, take 8 ounces of cured salmon and slice into small pieces. Add to the mixture and gently fold in. Place into a serving bowl and serve with sliced brown or Irish soda bread made in a bread machine and an assortment of vegetable crudités.

If you want something different and creative, try and Irish style pizza. You can buy frozen pizza dough at your grocery market or make it from your favorite recipe. Roll it out onto a pizza pan or a rectangular baking sheet that has been sprayed with olive oil. (Here’s some olive oil dispensers you may like)

Spread with softened low fat cream cheese mixed with fresh herbs and garlic. Use an indoor pizza oven!

Next add slices of cured smoked salmon, sliced tomatoes, sprinkle with capers and spritz with a squirt of lemon juice. (Here’s some awesome spiralizers to use!)

Top with a grated Dubliner Irish cheese and bake at 400 degrees until the dough is crisp and browned and cheese is melted and bubbly. Cut it into appetizer sized serving pieces.

For a delicious dessert, try making Irish ice cream. This ice cream is not your ordinary sweet frozen dessert because it comes with a twist. Irish cream refers to a cream liqueur-based (Irish whiskey) dessert with other flavorings. Typically, Irish ice cream has an alcohol by volume (ABV) level of 15% to 20%. It may be served alone or in mixed drinks, such as Irish coffee.

Of course, Irish ice cream is not suitable for kids. For young children, you can serve them vanilla ice cream with some sweet sidings such as pulverized chocolate chips, colorful chocolate candies, or green fruits to go with the St. Patrick’s theme.

Hopefully one or all of these recipes will liven up your St. Patrick’s Day party in a healthy and delicious way. Slainte!

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