Best Speckled Trout Recipes


Best Speckled Trout Recipes

It’s time for southern anglers to start catching speckled trout, which means it’s time for me to break out the spring speckled trout recipes!

Speckled trout are a beloved inshore saltwater sea trout that also taste terrific on the table. They are caught throughout southern coastal waters often on live bait like shrimp or finger mullet or by anglers using artificial lures.

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Try these great recipes for those tasty spring speckled trout you catch while fishing!

Baked Speckled Trout with Tomatoes and Olives

  • 1 lb speckled trout fillets, cut into 2-inch wide pieces
  • 1 can diced Italian-style tomatoes, drained
  • 2 tablespoons chopped pitted ripe olives
  • ½ teaspoon garlic powder (Here are some great garlic presses for you!)
  • salt and pepper, to taste (Check out our recommended salt and pepper grinder sets!)
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
  • olive oil (Here’s some olive oil dispensers you may like)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Grease a baking dish with olive oil. Arrange speckled trout in pan, season with garlic powder and salt and pepper.

Combine tomatoes and olives in a bowl, mix, then spoon over speckled trout. Bake 18 to 20 minutes or until fish flakes easily. Remove with best oven mitts. Sprinkle with fresh parsley and serve with garlic bread. Serves 4.

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Dijon-Crusted Speckled Trout Fillets

  • 4 large speckled trout fillets (about 6-ounces each)
  • ¼ cup Dijon mustard
  • 2 tablespoons butter, melted
  • ½ cup bread crumbs
  • 2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese
  • 2 tablespoons chopped parsley

In a small bowl blend all ingredients except speckled trout fillets. Grease a baking sheet with oil and top speckled trout with crumb mixture. Bake 9×13 pan in preheat oven at 400 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes. Serves 4.

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Quick Oriental Speckled Trout

  • 1 lb speckled trout fillets
  • Teriyaki sauce
  • pineapple juice
  • dash onion salt
  • olive oil
  • white rice for four, cooked

Marinade the fish in sauce and juice for two hours.

Note: you can also use a vacuum marinator! They work like a vacuum sealer, but are meant to better marinade your food!

Heat a little olive oil in a stove top pan and then sauté fish on medium heat for 8 to 10 minutes, sprinkling with just a dash of onion salt about half way through. Serve over white rice. Serves 4.

Best-Ever Baked Speckled Trout

  • 2 lb speckled trout fillets
  • 1 large onion, diced (Here are some great onion choppers for you!)
  • 1 large red pepper, diced
  • 1 cup fresh mushrooms, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons orange juice
  • 2 tablespoons lime juice
  • 1 teaspoon combined salt and pepper
  • 1 teaspoon paprika
  • olive oil

Heat a little olive oil in a pan and sauté onion, peppers and mushrooms for four minutes, removing from heat while still a little crisp. Place speckled trout fillets fillets in a baking dish greased with a little olive oil and pour mixed veggies over them. Combine remaining ingredients and pour over the dish. Bake at 350 degrees for 18 minutes or until fish is done. Serves 6.

Simple Sautéed Speckled Trout

  • 4 large thick speckled trout fillets, from fish 2 to 3 lbs
  • flour
  • paprika
  • salt and pepper
  • vegetable oil
  • lemon wedges

Season speckled trout fillets with paprika, salt and pepper to taste. Roll in flour. Fry trout quickly in olive oil over medium high heat for five minutes. Flip and reduce heat to medium, fry trout for five minutes more or until trout is done. Serve with lemon wedges. Serves 2. Hell, if you really want, you can throw it in a deep fryer or air fryer for extra crispiness.

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Sea Trout Stir Fry

  • 1 lb speckled trout fillets, cut into 1-inch strips or pieces
  • 1 lb stir-fry mixed vegetables
  • 1 small can water chestnuts
  • 1 cup pineapple chunks
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • few dashes hot sauce
  • 1 cup sweet and sour mix
  • veggie oil

Place oil in skillet. Cook speckled trout on med-high heat quickly until half done, add rest of ingredients, stir, and cook until vegetables are tender. Serve over white or wild rice. Serves 2-3.

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